Dive Team

  • Edward Bowis
  • Nathan Keyser
  • Johnny Waltson
  • Phil Shahan
  • Jay Clegg

2014- Dive Team- Started in 2014. Northumberland County has the Second largest shoreline in the state of Virginia. Several water related accidents spurred the initiative to create a dive team. The Dive Team filled in a missing gap that was needed. The Dive Team is currently qualified as a public safety diver and will soon be able to train other members. Having a Dive Team gives us the ability to recover missing items and assist/aid of water related accidents.

Drone Team

  • David Zimbro
  • Phillip Keyser
  • Brandon Haynie
  • Johnny Beauchamp
  • AC Crockett

2016- Drone Team- As technology grows and changes how firefighters fight fires. Fairfields recognized that drone technology would greatly enhance their arsenal of tools and abilities. FVFD decided to purchase a custom built drone. The Drone aptly named “Phoenix 1” has 2 cameras on it a HD camera and FLIR infrared camera. Phoenix 1 was built with thought to future practices and techniques that Fairfields may not yet thought of.